October 15, 2017


Phobia Cure Program


Fear versus Phobia

Fear is a survival instinct, which alerts us to danger and helps us react instantly so we can stay safe. Fear requires an immediate response to keep you safe.
Phobia is a strong panic reaction to something that is not inherently threatening or not as threatening as the highly anxious response would indicate. Phobia is a scary false alarm but there is no immediate danger.

Fear=Real Threat              Phobia=False Alarm


What is the source of your phobia?

Many possible factors may cause a phobia to exist, some of them are:
Genetic influence, negative experiences including frequency and severity, pre-existing stress levels, learning, observation, information.

How Hypnosis helps cure Phobias

Hypnosis is the automatic reaction to suggestion.  Everything that is suggested becomes real as the imagination becomes activated.  There are only two reasons that automatic reaction can be prevented, first reason is if the suggestion is not comprehensible and second reason is if you really do not want to follow the suggestion.

Phobias use the imagination and even phobic memories feel real just by talking/thinking about them.  Hypnosis engages your imagination or virtual reality simulator in a controlled way, therefore it can directly update your unwanted responses.  In hypnosis you will learn a relaxed response to the phobic trigger & the meaning of the source of phobia changes.

The Phobia Cure Program

I currently offer a limited time guaranteed Phobia Cure Program which includes:

  • Free consultation
  • Explanation of my unique interactive hypnotic process
  • First Session
  • A one week Follow up Session

My guaranteed program, means peace of mind for you.
For the price of only £145 you get RESULTS, ensuring your phobia is cured once and for all!

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