December 23, 2016


Stop Smoking Vana Papagianni

Stop smoking program

Are cigarettes still your friend? If you've started to feel uncomfortable with the fact that this is a friend that betrays you, steals you energy, youth, life and money, then perhaps it is time to consider ending this relationship.
Hypnosis makes it easy to end this relationship because it works with your subconscious emotional part of your mind. Hypnosis literally changes your feelings towards cigarettes, from feeling attached and preoccupied with thoughts of cigarettes, cigarette paraphernalia & smoking areas to feeling unburdened.
The hypnosis program is a two session program, which is tailored to the individual.
On the first session I will teach you a powerful tool for removing all cravings for cigarettes in a matter of seconds.

Stop smoking program

I will also use your own reasons for wanting to stop smoking in the session.
Then we will remove any of your triggers which are associated to cigarettes (e.g. typical triggers are: having a cigarette with a coffee breaks, or having a cigarette first thing in the morning).
By the end of the session you will feel, totally FREE! From then on people state that they literally forget to smoke.
However I also add a follow up second session to ensure that the work we've done is permanent and any remaining triggers that were possibly missed on the first session are dealt with.
I look forward to helping you with any questions about the smoking habit and your journey to freedom.
You can also listen my recording  “Motivation for smoking cessation”.

Stop Smoking Decision Hypnosis by Vana

  • Stop Smoking

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