How to create a Vision

We were discussing about success in my recent workshop, and one of the members mentioned that we cannot all be Chiefs, we need to have the Indians….
I am writing this blog post because her comment struck a nerve. I have come a long way and I now perceive it differently.

Whether I follow someone or not…I prefer to think of my inner self as the Chief of my own life. I am the one who determines my destiny and can also touch others in positive ways.

I used to feel I had no choice, I was the Indian. I felt disempowered and controlled by the environment. I now feel that we all have the potential and ability to be a Chief.

What makes a Chief?

A Chief is a true leader who has an ability to influence first himself and then others to take action.
A Chief sees ahead and is emotionally attached to the future he creates, so he can carve the path he wants to walk on.


Anyone can be a Chief in their personal or professional areas. You are a Chief when you see a better future and keep contributing towards it. You maintain faith, knowing that there is always a way, in the face of any obstacle.
The process of becoming a true Chief is simple and it begins by developing a powerful vision.

What is vision?

To better understand vision and how vision works, take a moment and look around you, notice the miracle we call the modern world. Think how all the awe inspiring technical and engineering innovations, like the house you live in, the car, the pen you hold etc are results of people’s vision. That unique ability to create a vision is what separates humans from animals. We can use our mind’s eye to construct and determine our future. Reality is born out of the mind.

Presidential Vision

We could all benefit by becoming conscious of the power we have over our life’s path by deciding to create a vision that can inspire us and pull us into something bigger. Think of Dr Martin Luther King and his incredible “I have a dream” speech. He had discovered his life’s purpose and he was committed to fighting for African-American civil rights . Watch Obama’s speech in 2014 that made him a president.

Dr Martin Luther King and President Obama both had a visionary mindset. We can all learn from the thinking patterns of true leaders and can begin to consciously apply those learnings to our lives. If we want to live like a visionary leader, we have to think like one; so it is critical that we make the fine distinctions of a successful vision.

Rules for creating a Presidential Vision

  1. Start with the point of dissatisfaction. Obama was dissatisfied because there were kids who could not read, and there pensioners who could not pay for prescription drugs. What are you dissatisfied with?
  2. Move on to what you desire. A strong desire will make you totally determined in going after your vision. Desire means that your vision is emotive and comes with all the reasons that will pull you forward. What do you desire?

Desire for your vision = Fuel to taking action

  1. Ensure your dream has a big element of contribution, ie focusing on the difference that it makes for others. The reason is that we will do much more for others, than we would ever do for ourselves. Your vision should include the way you relate with others because relationships magnify the emotional experience of life, they have the potential to make everything better. What contribution will your vision make in the world, in your family?
  2. A vision must paint pictures (or movies) in your mind, as if they are real in the present time. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. So it is time that you become an artist and create a masterpiece of art for your life e.g. Dr Martin Luther King talks about his dream of seeing black and white children join hands. What picture do you paint when you think of your vision?
  3. Give your vision a name. Make this dream familiar by giving it a name, anything we love we tend to give names, but it does not have to be just a name it can be a statement or a quote that captures the essence of the vision. You may want to call your vision e.g. “Free Jane from the rat race project”. What is your vision’s name?
  4. Articulate your vision and share it with others. This process of articulation begins to make the vision a reality. Who can you talk with about your vision?
  5. Expect your vision to become reality. When you have a sense of certainty for your dream, then your vision has the potential to become a “self-fulfilling” prophecy. Why is your vision destined to become a reality?
  6. Use your physiology to practice dreaming. Stand tall, with confidence and practise talking about your vision. If you are slouching, tense, frowning as you are creating your vision then you risk associating the negative feelings with your vision. Negative physiology will also prevent your creative process. Practice the power poses, that Amy Cuddy writes about in her book. Use a power pose now and talk about your vision to yourself.

However if you find that it can a bit challenging to answer all the questions above. Here is a three step process that can help you create a vision that will inspire you and pull you towards your life’s purpose.

Shortcut to creating a vision fit for a President.

  1. If you had an abundance of resources and a fail-proof roadmap to creating any result you want, what would you be very proud and passionate about achieving in your life? This shifts your mindset from scarcity to possibilities.
  2. Give a name the vision. My vision’s name is “Vana’s World Domination Day”. This is the day when I will have created total financial and time freedom. However I also currently live my vision as I encapsulated in my mantra “Nothing prevents my true expression”.
  3. Practice makes perfect. You need be focused on your vision, you need your vision in you mind’s eye so it guides you in the difficult times. Find easy ways to practice your Vision’s Name or your Vision Quote. Here are some ideas: You can share them with a trusted friend or family. You could change your computer password by using most some of the words of your vision.

I would love to know your thoughts on creating your vision or any other comments you may have about this post, please comment below.

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